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威廉希尔官网中文网站-欢迎您登陆 located in beautiful Lishui city. with a total construction area of about 20000 Square meters and a staff size of over 150, among which more than 10% are with medium and high level professional titles.
With guarantee of the ISO9000 quality system, we follow up and inspect every procedure by advanced inspection facilities and follow up every order by data. Our products are mainly exported to industrial countries such as countries in EU America Japan and.

英国威廉希尔中文网:1. Quality System - ISO System
英国威廉希尔中文网-2. Experience - Over 25 years
英国威廉希尔中文网:3. Management - Internal soft
[英国威廉希尔博彩公司]4. Stocks - Over 3000 tons
5. Inventory - Over 2000 tons
威廉希尔公司中国网站:6. Export -More than 20 countries
Tel: 0086-577-86991061
Fax: 0086-577-86991062
英国威廉希尔:1. Petroleum
2. Chemical engineering
3. Nuclear energy
4. Electric power
5. Ship-building
6. Papermaking
7. Water disposal
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